Crafting for a Cause

The Northminster Presbysterian crafters have been crafting for over a decade. An array of women, the crafting group has members of all ages who enjoy to craft, sew and give back to their community.

fidget quilt 1A few years ago, a member encouraged the group to start using spare scraps of fabric and gadgets to create fidget quilts for the Alzheimer’s Association, Central Illinois Chapter.

These unique quilts are small “lap blankets” made up of a variety of different patterns, textures, and objects that can be moved and manipulated to provide sensory stimulation. Fidget quilts are often used by those in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, when they may lose interest or awareness of surroundings. The sensory stimulation from the fidget quilts helps release pent-up energy and provides a meaningful activity for those with dementia.

fidget quilt 6

Fidget quilt squares before being sewed together.

The women of the Morthminster Presbyterian Crafters all play a role in making the fidget quilts. From cutting the fabric squares and sewing on gadgets, to adding the backing and inscribing a special phrase, the fidget quilt truly is made with love from a number of people. Since the inception of the idea, the Northminster Presbysterian Crafters have sewed around 100 fidget quilts.

fidget quilt 5       Fidget quilt 2

The handmade fidget quilts are available through the Alzheimer’s Association, Central Illinois Chapter., 612 W. Glen Ave., Peoria, IL 61615 or 309.681.1100. Donations are accepted.

fidget quilt 7

A completed fidget quilt made by the Northminster Presbyterian Crafters

Thank you to the Northminster Presbyterian Crafters for your donations of fidget quilts.