Volunteer Spotlight: Kondelo

Step in to the Alzheimer’s Association Peoria office on any given Thursday and consider yourself a lucky person because you will find Kondelo, one of our wonderful volunteers, sitting at the front desk greeting you with a warm smile. Kondelo is always doing whatever she can to help us out at the office. Even when we sat down with her for her spotlight, she was putting labels on envelopes to get them ready to be sent out- talk about commitment! Our intern, Ali, took a few minutes to interview Kondelo to give you all an inside scoop on her journey with the Alzheimer’s Association.

Kondelo’s involvement with the Alzheimer’s Association started when a friend spoke at a church group meeting asking for volunteers…fast forward about nine years and she is still one of our amazing volunteers! Kondelo comes every Thursday and sometimes more if we need extra help. When asked why she chooses to volunteer here she stated, “It’s rewarding. Some of the people – caregivers – come in asking for help. Sometimes the patient is with them. It’s kind of sad, really, but they’re given great direction. We have a library they can access. It’s nice because it’s a place where people can come and not have to worry about what to say. It doesn’t cost them anything and there are caregiver support groups. I’m usually here when they start but not when they end. I always hear the support groups laughing; Brenda (our Care Navigator) makes it really upbeat for them.”

In addition to volunteering at the office, Kondelo volunteers at the Peoria Walk to End Alzheimer’s. She says walking in the Peoria Walk To End Alzheimer’s with Chris, our Office Manager, is one of her favorite experiences.  “Just the experience of knowing what people are going through and knowing what kind of help they get through coming here,” said Kondelo.

Kondelo’s goal is to make people aware of Alzheimer’s disease and the work that’s being done to help find a way to prevent, slow or cure the devastating disease. She hopes that more people become advocates for the disease and keep a strong eye on the government to ensure we can do as much as possible to find advancements. For that, we are so thankful.

Thank you, Kondelo for all that you do for us at the Alzheimer’s Association. We wouldn’t be where we are and wouldn’t get to where we’re going without our volunteers. Join us in thanking Kondelo and all of our volunteers as they help in the fight against Alzheimer’s!



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