Jammin’ Out for Alzheimer’s

At 7:00 pm on Friday, June 26, there was a constant stream of rain coming down from the sky. But, if you were at Five Points Washington, you would never know how gloomy it was outside. That’s because inside, the Peoria Pops Orchestra was putting on a spectacular show that made the rain a distant thought.

“Peoria Pops Presents: Broadway vs. Rock N’ Roll” was an extremely successful DIY event benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association. There was a constant source of entertainment, right down to the emcees dancing to “YMCA”.

The emcees: Jeremy and Tonya Davis

The emcees: Jeremy and Tonya Davis

The night began with a pre-concert lip sync contest, where Jill & Jeremy Tracy and Sean Testa battled it out with some comedy and awesome air guitar skills. After the contestants preformed, cans were passed throughout the audience for donations. These monetary donations would determine the winner. It was a close race, but ultimately Jill and Jeremy Tracy were crowned the lip sync champions.

Jill and Jeremy Tracy

Jill and Jeremy Tracy


Sean Testa

After the lip sync contest, Conductor Harold Greene readied his orchestra and went to work. The orchestra played 13 songs, alternating between Broadway classics and Rock N’ Roll favorites. A few examples of songs played throughout the night were: Rock, Roll & Remember (Salute to Dick Clark), Chicago, The Beatles Medley, Highlights from “Wicked”, and The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Peoria Pops Orchestra

Peoria Pops Orchestra

Peoria Pops Orchestra is a volunteer orchestra through the Peoria Park District. Their motto is: We make music fun! And that is the truth. The songs were played excellently, and everyone was smiling along. It was an incredible night of great music, great fun, and for a great cause.

As with the lip sync contest, cans were passed through the crowd to determine the winner of the music battle. Broadway and Rock N’ Roll are two classic genres that so many people love. It was another close race, but in the end, the victor was Rock N’ Roll.

 IMG_2011 IMG_2012

Through the donations of audience members, “Broadway vs. Rock N’ Roll” raised over $800 for the Alzheimer’s Association. Everyone here at the Central Illinois Chapter is thrilled, and we can’t thank Five Points Washington and Peoria Pops Orchestra for a wonderful night.

As previously mentioned, this event was a DIY event that benefitted the Alzheimer’s Association. A DIY (Do It Yourself) event is an event that anyone can put on! If you enjoy planning events for your friends, family, or coworkers, than these events are perfect for you! Do good and have fun by turning your next event into a DIY event for the Alzheimer’s Association. If you would like to host your own DIY event or would like more information, call our office toll-free at 800.272.3900!


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